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Rotary Alumni Meet by Bijapur

Rotary Alumni Meet
05 Nov, 2019

Beneficiaries : 67

Cost : 13750

President : Vishwanath Siddhanti

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner : None

Description :
Rotary Alumni Reconnect Program The Rotary Club of Bijapur had organized a Rotary Alumni Recconect Program on November 5th 2019. Rotarians who formed a part of the club in the past and who have discontinued, relocated etc were invited to interact and were updated regarding the ongoing activities, programs and projects of the club. Suggestions, advice's of the Alumini's were noted down with a promise that there suggestions will be inculcated in the operations of the club.

Images :
Rotary Alumni Meet Rotary Alumni Meet Rotary Alumni Meet